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    Not the cheapest prices but FREE DOMAIN

    Hi all,

    Im sure youre wondering what that subject line is all about? Well here goes:

    Ive seen many offers on this forum for massive amounts of webspace and data transfer for very cheap prices. If these companies can offer these prices as well as top class support and still be around in a number of years then best of luck to them. Our prices may be a bit higher to ensure that the quality and support is always there and will be for a considerable amount of time.

    A few other points:

    Firstly, when I say we, I dont mean I there are three of us although Im the one that deals with most of the hosting. For the amount of customers we currently have, this setup has been more than adequate and when the time arises where this is not the case, more people will be hired and measures put in place. This leads me nicely onto support:

    We are obsessed with providing the best support possible and we are very proud of our record. A detailed welcome email and online FAQ provide a lot of answers to questions which I think saves a lot of time. Furthermore, we have a great setup with the helpdesk - in the past two weeks there have been seven help requests all of which were answered in under half an hour at all times of the day & night. We don't have dedicated support staff waiting for requests 24/7 or claim anywhere that 24/7 support is offered but we may aswell do because this is what is provided based on our record! We state 12 hours max time but 95% of tickets have been answered in less than 2 hours and a large proportion in under 10 mins. When a ticket is opened all hell breaks loose as emails and SMS messages are sent to all three of us (in my case to 2 cell phones!). We are happy to get up if we are asleep or put a halt to what we are doing to ensure that the ticket gets answered in the shortest time possible.

    All support tickets are treated as a high priority whether it is a problem directly related to our hosting or help requests for a forum install or script a customer is having trouble with - we're happy to help or install it for them. We like to be on first name terms with customers and would like to keep it that way.

    All package details and prices can be seen here and a FREE DOMAIN NAME is on offer on all accounts except the test package (limited number of accounts). This can be a .com,,, .net or .org and will be paid for at our expense for one year.

    To claim the free domain please enter 'WHT-Dom' in the refferer box of the form and please check the availablity of the domain before ordering.

    Prices start at just 10 per year and all details can be seen HERE.

    Our website is available HERE as well as the package comparison and order page.

    Please address any questions to [email protected]

    I'm sorry for the long post but feel that the details were important and I've tried to be as honest and detailed as possible.

    Thanks for reading,
    Clook Internet -
    Fully managed UK based webhosting provider
    Est 2002, 24/7 phone support, all the bells and whistles!

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    Hi Jim,
    I like the looks of your post. Companies like yours make the rest of us feel proud to be in this industry. If everyone could be as honest as you about their company, this would be a much better place

    Good luck to you.
    Chris Miller
    Custom Imprinted Promotional Products 1-800-750-8530 x221

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