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    Exclamation Looking for a Business Partner

    Hello There,
    I am going to be starting a small hosting company soon and I am looking for a partner with webdesign experience and also someone that has a little technical edge. I am very capable of running the day to day business operations such as sales, accounting, promotions etc. Im a little rusty on the design end however and the technical end as well. I want to start small (I have a reselling account with MCHOST) and work my way up. If anyone is interested in such an arrangement please contact me via email at [email protected] . Payment would obviously be at first commission (I hate commision myself, but its a startup operation) and then hopefully work out a more permanent salary once things are up and running.

    Robb Alexander

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    im interested as well,
    the webdesign portion
    my aim : ruaddesign
    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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    I am intresting.
    My portfolio

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