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    New Hosting Package?

    Well, I am geting ready to open a hosting company, is this package suitable (would anyone buy it, or am I a loony).

    Web Space - 300MB
    Email Accounts - Unlimited
    Bandwidth - 15GB
    Secure Server Support (SSL)
    Webmail Access
    mySQL, Access Databases
    FrontPage2000 Extensions
    Tech Support
    A Domain (Add $10/year)


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    The package does not seem bad but $39.99 a month in this era is a little too expensive, the current market for that package with most hosts is around $6-20/month from what weve seen

    But is really depends on your clientele.....

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    The package is okay, but you might have a hard time fighting the competition.

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    I agree, the package is nice but its a bit on the pricey side. Though some people are willing to pay that if you haave good connections, support, etc.

    Since I to am looking to start a hosting buisness, I am doing alot of work. This is how I come up with some of my prices:

    1. Add up server specs (space, bandwidth, etc)
    2. Total up how much I pay monthly for the servers
    3. Add up how much I pay the techs
    4. I browse sites and look at how much they charge and moniter the WHT webhosting request forums.
    5. I come up with plans/prices ideas
    6. I do the math to see if I can make a profit using those plans eventually.

    You always need to remember that in the webhosting buisness you usually loose money the first couple months.


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    Hehe.. yes.

    Just make sure your company has something that sets you apart from the rest. Something that'll intrigue the potential client into signing up, instead of going elsewhere thinking they're going to be better off while paying less at the same time.

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    Wow, you're getting more ignorant with each post of yours I read dreamHOBO.
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    Around $20 is the going rate for a package like that. Good luck at charging twice that.

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    As most people have said this is a bit pricey, unless you have something that the other hosts don't, and realiablity doesn't count much to a new customer as they have never done bussiness with you. Might wanna try lowering the prices till you have alot of customers that can say "he seems a bit pricey but the service is worth it", just my thoughts.
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