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    Customer Management


    I'm in dire need for just the software that allows customers to fill out a sign up form and saves their info to a database, and which doesn't require a WHM like cpanel or ensim. Also the program could have trouble tickets. Anyone have any suggestions? I've tried PhPManager, NiXt, and GCDB.

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    Well what exactly is the program used for?

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    For customer management, like account information. A script that allows a customer to fill out a sign up form and saves the information to a database for you to manage and the user to view his/her invoices, etc.

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    You can also try moderbill. It seems like an excellent package from my little experience with it.


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    Thanks peter.

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    You are welcomed. Glad to help.

    Just an additional tip: I saw a request by someone in the same forum asking for modernbill reseller. If you decide to go with modernbill, going with a reseller may save you some money.


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    ahh great!

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    Where could one find GCDB?

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    You can find it at:


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