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    Start with VoIP ?

    I am planning to start a VoIP related business.Can someone give me more details about it ?

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    What sort of Voip related business? Voip is a very broad subject.

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    Do you mean something like skype, mywebcalls, etc?

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    I mean can I start a free service like Skype Out ?
    And Net to Phone ?

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    I am also interested in providind voip services. Can anyone explain the process of installing voip in a vps?

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    Hi guys.

    Firstly this market is saturated and if you are thinking of making lots of money out of VOIP its not going to happen. The equipment you will need is not cheap and you will also need agreements or termination points to the public line which its self is not easy. I would say hold back on this for now.

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    The market is maybe saturated when you want to offer old style telephony services on a VoIP line. For added value services, there are endless posibilities. The times when the provider made huge profits from the spent minutes are gone. It's time for innovative services.
    Anyway, for starters I recommend the following resource:

    It answers to many newbie questions.

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    There is still a market for this. You've missed the bubble but it certainly hasn't burst!
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    I don't think the bubble has burst on this at all. In fact I think that it's really just starting.

    The equipment has been an issue for most, however there's always new inventions in an emerging field such as VOIP or Hosting in it's infacncy.

    In the next week we'll be releasing basically a CPANEL for VOIP which includes billing, call routing, etc (using Asterisk as the platform).. all which can be run off a standard linux server even if it's hosted in a place like ServerMatrix or EV1 (I know they are the same now).

    Imho this is the kind of thing which needs to happen for VOIP to move from "out of reach" for people who have the business acumen to run the business but not the million or so you need for the equipment at the moment.

    In a trip down memory lane I remember when web hosting was run by things such as Cobalt Raq's which ran proprietry software and were horrendously expensive. Now CPANEL and Plesk have changed that by allowing a linux box anywhere to become a web hosting / money making platform.

    Just my 2c.
    (Note: I'll be putting up a request for people to publically beta test the software I mentioned above late next week, those who are interested just PM me.).


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    very interesting, but the technical detail is over my head.
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    you will need linux server 2 gb ram, 40 gb hdd, core 2 or higher, asterisk phone system *free. auto mated account creator i dont know where u find them, and u need to make a soft phone like skype ,,, and it will eat minutes unless you find an unlimited outgoing did

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    Learn asterisk. Everything else is simple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AmyWilliams View Post
    Learn asterisk. Everything else is simple.
    I guess if you want to do what everyone else does and have razor thin margins to boot.

    To do it right, you should control interconnection, and to do that, at least in the US is to become a CLEC. Not trivial, but certainly doable, even on a small scale. I'd start there.


    EDIT: It isn't expensive, either. You can pick up the newest Lucent LCS switch with 3 DS3's and VOIP for around 200K. Plus, if you get sued by Verizon (they like to sue VOIP providers), Lucent will defend the patent suit. Not bad.

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    it would be not enough just to know asterisk!!! There is a lot more... look at u can find some good info there...

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    What segment of market are you targeting ? e.g. End-user, Small business, Enterprise ?

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