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    The new F.F.A.N.

    Hello everyone,

    Are you lookin for a webdesigner???
    Are you lookin for a PHP/MYSQL programmer???
    Are you lookin for a ASP programmer???

    Or just need help or admin or even help desk officers, let F.F.A.N. help you, we have agents that are avaliable for jobs!

    Our company has been up and running for close to 2 years and have provided reliable dedicated hosting and we also provide free scripts for our viewers!

    So if you want dedicated help or a Programmer or even a webdesigner contact our sales department!

    Sales - [email protected]

    Our prices are reasoniable and negatioable, contact us and we will give you a quote on any job you have in mind!
    Management Team & Software Development Team,

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    Wrong forum buddy, needs to go into the Related Offers and Requests forum.

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    Overskilled: not really, I think he's in the right forum.
    This forum is intend for participants looking for jobs in the web hosting industry to post their qualifications and skills, and for web hosting companies to post any job vacanies they may have.
    Same as if he said he was looking for work.

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    Maybe, I got the impression he was trying to sell his services.

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