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    Has anyone got any suggestions for filling space on a corporate style site? I am aware that filling space pointlessly is not good practice, but is there a way of doing it, through use of images or text, without it being too obvious that it has little reason? What kind of graphics should be looked into?

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    It all depends on the type of site and what is already there.. you could use the area to have company news excerpts, subtle images, etc... but whatever you do - don't make it look like you are deliberately trying to fill space.

    When somebody deliberately tries to fill space it can generally be noticed immediately and can give a worse impression than blank space.

    Probably not too helpful... but anyway.

    Shaun Ewing

  3. It also depends on what type of space you have there.
    For a large left or right hand side space you can use news from to fill it up.

    If not you can use those business stock photos to fill it up, you know... the usual corporate style stock photos.
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