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    * Looking for free host

    I'm looking for someone who is willing to host my web site for free. I need someone with the following features, at least:

    • Proper domain support (not subhosted).
    • FTP
    • mySQL
    • PHP
    • Email (IMAP preferred), at least 8 accounts.
    • Mail re-directs, autoresponders, etc.
    • Web users
    • CGI
    • .htaccess support

    I think that's everything...but I probably missed something out

    Disk quota and bandwidth shouldn't be a problem...I probably won't need much. I would be willing to place a small image / link on my pages to my host's web site.

    Any offers?

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    Try here with at least a good reason.


  3. It's been a few years but and offered what you were looking for.

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    A good site to look into:

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