I'm looking for people who want to establish a byline on a well-read, popular internet, unix, and security site. We lack coverage in many areas, and we're looking for folks who can help fill the gaps.

How popular is the site? Well, for technical people it seems to be fairly popular. We receive about 7k unique visitors a day, not including search engines.

We need someone to write about women's issues on the internet, as well as someone to write about Microsoft issues. We also need more coverage in linux.. We're not making any money yet.. If you want to promote yourself, that's ok if it's done tastefully.

(those are just a few)

The publishing is done by a web-based publishing system protected by an SSL interface (password required) you don't even need to know html, just write.

If you're interested, contact [email protected]

(and yes, the site is http://www.netsys.com)