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    auto register domains

    Does anyone know a host that you can auto register domains with just one click..with predefined information and cc details?

    I want to encorporate this into a script to auto register a domain name.

    I know enom has something like it..but you need to set up a resellers acc which will cost $hundreds for the pre purchased names...
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    couldnt send email to that bounced back...

    heres more detailed info though..

    am running a script that checks the status of on-hold domain names, only send emails when a name is found.What I want to do is to autoregister it as soon as this on-hold name expires..because there are so many other services out there that auto register these names..i will need auto registration in order to keep up. If I manually register these then theres no way I will beat them.
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    wireddog member
    has that all wrap'd up..
    i was on his site last nite...
    and i believe he's got the enom quicky reg' script set up.
    and i don't think it's as pricey as you think.. i may be wrong.


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