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    WANTED: 4 ADVANCED php/mysql programmers

    I am currently looking for 4 more advanced php/mysql programmers until we start devolvement of a new project called EchoBB. EchoBB is a bulletin board that will be 10x better than today's leading bulletin boards, but for a fraction of the cost. We currently have graphic designers and 1 programmer.

    To apply for this project you should be able to code very complex php/mysql scripts. I don't require a certain age limit, or years of experience. I do however request that you show us your portfolio.

    EchoBB is part of the Echo Hype network which will be launched in a few months. The network is also developing a new server control panel that will the current industry leading control panels out of the water (I know it sounds unreal... but its true), as well as tons of other sites. In a few months the network will also have offices scattered all over the United States, and a few offices in various countries.

    Developers who are interested will earn a certain percentage of each product sale, and gain many other free services from the network.

    If you are interested or have any questions please email: [email protected]. I am using this email until DNS changes over for the other corporate sites. NO PM'S

    Thank you,
    Echo Hype Team

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    I never like giving bad news, but you won't very often find an ADVANCED anything programmer that will work on strictly commission. Programming takes a huge amount of work, especially a project like a bboard.

    I wish you luck with you venture, but remember, you get what you pay for .
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    I know I'll never do for free .... sorry !

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    I agree. Advanced programmers do not work for free. They'll expect $40-90/hour. I know I would never work for free on such a large project.

    Good luck though...

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    Don't know how in US. But here in Ukraine we would be glad to do a lot of quality work for $7-10/hr.

    Valera Vlasyuk team

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