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    Streaming Real Audio ...

    I am a reseller and would like to offer streaming real audio to my resold accounts.

    I've talked to my webhost and he said that would not be a problem but it's basically up to me to find out how to do it.

    Can I set it up as a reseller or is this something that has to be set up by the webhost? If I can set it up myself - how do I do it? What do I need, how to, etc.

    I'd appreciate any help anyone out there could give me (or perhaps pointing me to some websites that explain how to do this)

    Robin Ray

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    you can always offer streaming files over http protocol.

    What is your platform? Are you able to run your own daemon (e.g. real media, shoutcast server from your shared account?).

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    this might shed a little light on the subject. you will need access to the main apache config file:

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    Linux - and yes, I'm able to run my own daemon from my account ...

    And I am looking through the link provided now!

    Many Thanks for everyone's replies -

    Robin Ray

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    Does this also stream video files.
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    sure does

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    There are two ways to stream Real Audio or Video over the net.

    I. Using Real Server License (costs some good $$).

    II. A free very easy way and here are the steps.
    1) You record your content in .rm or .ra format. For simplicity, let's call the file you are producing "test.rm"

    2) Upload this file to ANY site on the net. Let's say under root in

    3) Now if you type in your Browser you will download the file.

    4) To stream test.rm you do this. Open Notepad and just type this in the first line:
    and save this file as test.ram (this time it's .ram and not .rm).

    5) Upload both .ram and .rm to
    Now if you type (the file will stream)
    if you type (the file will be downloaded).

    Hope this helps.

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    All you need to do is find out the mime types for .RM / .RAM files and set them up on your server so your web server knows what to do with them.

    Have a search on net for them.


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