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    In need of a new provider...

    Hi Folks,

    It looks like my co-location provider was purchased recently. The new owners aren't as flexable as the old owner.

    So, I'm in the market for a new co-location/dedicated provider. Basically, I need a server with a small line for about $100 a month. I'm looking at something in the range of 256k to 512kbps. I'd prefer real-world bandwidth versus the gigs of transfer stuff that some providers do. I'd be willing to take a lying-around server until I get my server back from this provider.

    This is my administration server, so I need something small, but reliable.

    Does anyone have some reputable providers to recommend?



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    give a try. We have been very happy with them.
    Matt Kelly
    Managed and Unmanaged
    Budget VPS, Cloud and Colocation

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    I'm more looking for customers who are happy with their current colo provider. Besides, I think it's a WHT violation to solicit service in non-advertising forums.



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