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    Ma and Pa Hosting

    Look at for our brand new MA and PA hosting. Especially meant for small and I mean SMALL hosting plans.

    Disk Storage: 7.5mb
    Data Transfer: 500mb
    POP3 Email Accounts: 3
    SubDomains: 0
    MYSQL Databases: 0

    n/a Monthly
    $25 per year/PREPAID

    We have many other plans as well as working with you on special plans.

    Not to mention our design services.

    [email protected]
    Umbrella Design and Hosting Consortium

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    And before anyone mentions it, 2 of our designers are in the process of changing thier DNS references.

    So yes I do know about the missing graphic and link problem.

    If I was smarter, I would probably wait until I was completely done before I advertised.

    But I just could not wait.

    Umbrella Design and hosting is a new company, but our design partners have a long history of work.
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