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    Hi all,

    I'm opening up 2 slots for banner advertising at my forum, - which is basically a WHT for domains (instead of hosting, heh), just to make a bit of money for running the site.

    Here are some stats: I get a bit over 10,000 banner impressions a day (so I guess you could use this as page views), and according to webalizer I average 600+ unique visitors a day. I opened the site in the beginning of 2002 and things are picking up fast.

    I've attached a screenshot of just the header of what I will make the banner look like (if you head over to the site you can see how the header would appear). The spot is 468x60 standard size, and text below your banner is permittable. Banner type can be jpg, gif or flash,but must be no larger than 12kb in total size if possible. One other thing, the maximun advertisers I allow to be rotated is three. one last thing, I am using affiliate programs right now, and I will stop doing this right until I get my first advertiser. I'm only taking on the first two people to agree, so if you do think you would be interested please contact me as soon as possible.

    For fast, easy and convenient payment I would like to use PayPal only. For pricing, I charge a flat monthly fee (it's really not too much). Please e-mail or PM me to find out the rate, and I'll reply right back with the monthly rate and more infomation. You may also wish to contact me on AIM, my handle is "ntc".

    Dan Gessler
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