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    Read Emails

    Hey Guys,
    I got 2 questions:
    Are deleted emails kept on the server?

    2nd, how do I view deleted emails from different accounts?

    I have root access to my box so I can use SSH etc to get in...


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    How did you delete the mails? Normally the deleted mails are lost forever. What server is yours?
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    You can check in the 'Trash' folder, for the deleted mails !
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    Usually they are downloaded from the internet to a mail client like thunderbird or outlook.
    I didn't know if the server had a hidden place like a deleted items folder that is hidden or something?

    I did check the trash folder but it wasn't there.

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    Did you enable the "Leave message on the server" option for outlook or similar option for Thunderbird? If you didn't enable this option, means that all emails are downloaded to the mail client. If you deleted the mails from your mail client, they are going to the "deleted items", and if you have permanently delete the mails from the "deleted items", your emails are lost forever.
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