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    Urgent need of existing web hosting company

    I am currently looking to purchase or acquired an existing web hosting company. If you are running a small hosting company that isn't profitable I would still like to talk to you. I will also consider taking over your dedicated server/VPS as part of the deal.

    I am looking for companies with less than 100 customers.

    PM me or email me (aiismart @ yahoo . com ) .
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    Are you interesting to buy mine ?
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    I am selling my free and paid hosting services, which have a userbase of over 400, combined.

    Here is the link:
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    We've been privately providing hosting since 1997 - but after many buyouts and mergers our client list have drastically dropped over the years. We have reached to a point that we want to sell what we have left and move on where we rock.

    Ideally we wish that you are a Canadian company, since all our customers are Canadian. The acquisition will not only include a Reseller Server already paid for the next 3 months but a barely touched Dell PowerEdge SC430 Server still on lease. This server is not in use by our clients, but sitting on the side in our office collecting light dust. Take it and let it have some real use than collecting age.

    The Reseller Server is backed by MCI, SAVVIS, COGENT & PEER1. We have 5 active clients left with a total web storage 167 MB in use. All our clients pay on an annual bases. Next Outstanding balances are due on September, October, November and July. These packages range anywhere from $24 to $124 per year. There are 2 domains that currently use up 3 subdomains in total. Barely any of our clients use cPanel or any control panel to manage their accounts. Those who do, are used to set up emails and accessing webmail. All of our clients are very familiar with FTP Clients to upload and download web content.

    Like mentioned above, we've been hosting since 1997 and our clients have been hassle free ever since with minor email issues with any new clients we have set up. The Dell is an Intel Celeron with 2.53GHz, Fedora Core 4.

    Serious Bids Only, Payments accepted in, PayPal or Wire Transfer. No Installment Bids. After the new buyout, we will no longer focus or provide hosting services. In addition to other services, our continued focus will entail on our Colocation Customers.

    Please PM with your offers. Thank You

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    By the way, the eBay auction link changed to:
    Daniel B., CEO - is now

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