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    Angry Serious IIS Problem


    Server crashed (when saving an html document using frontpage) did a dump and after comming up for the first time:

    As soon as first connection arrives at IIS , it locks down and "inetinfo.exe" hugs the server with 99% of CPU's time and using about 20M of RAM.

    It never worked after it.

    Anyone has same experience and a solution for repairing IIS and enabling it to come up again?

    I uninstalled IIS and installed it again but it did not work.


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    I've used IIS 5 for my localhost site awhile ago. I found that reinstalling windows usually helped, but this became unfeasable as it was also my main box. I'm running windows 2k.

    Have you tried rebooting the machine before uninstalling and reinstalling (I sometimes find better success with fixing a prob by rebooting, then reinstalling then rebooting)? I'm not an IIS expert, but I did some experimenting with it while looking to set up a LAN site. I also havent messed with IIS in several months so I may be a little off.

    I'm sure you prolly dont want to hear this, but I'd go download apache 2 if all else fails.
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    Is this server on the Internet?
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    MGCJerry and

    Thank you very much. (I am very happy to see a windows hosting professional, coming to help )

    Finally I repaired it.

    Reinstalling IIS and SP3 (IIS hotfix) and Lockdown did not help. So I tried installing SP2, SP3 and Lockdown respectively and It WORKED!

    I thought I will need a windows reinstall as it seemed to me that registry settings are corrupted and none of these would help.

    Thank you very much.


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