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    Question 2checkout or RevEcom?

    As a small webhost reseller and computer repair company, I am looking at easily implementing CC acceptance. Paypal is real easy, but not a lot of people use it - atleast in my croud of customers.

    These two companies appear pretty similiar, 2checkout's discount rate is a little more and their setup fees are the same ($49).

    Nice feature by RevEcom is that on customer's bills, they have the <companyname> by by the charge card line item.

    Are there any other differences that would be relevant to choosing?

    Thanks for your time replying!

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    nice system, easy to set up

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    From what I've heard, Revecom will be cheaper in the long run for businesses that have high-end transactions. And they will send customers invoices with your company name, which is a pretty good feature.

    As for support, I once asked both 2Checkout and Revecom a simple payment question. It took 2Checkout 3 days to respond, I never heard anything from Revecom... (even sent them two messages.)

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