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    Question HELP!!!! Anyone else have this problem with (cpanel) e-mails!?!?!?!?!?

    I will try to be as point-blank as I can here to avoid confusion.

    I'm using cpanel 4.9 build 26 on Linux/Apache 1.3.26
    I have as a main reseller account
    I've used WHM to create name-based domain accounts
    under mine including say,,, etc.
    each resold domain has their own cpanel - all basically work fine

    the default email for each domain (using the main username/password created in WHM for that domain)
    works perfectly any way I care to check it
    - thru cpanel, thru an e-mail client such as Netscape Mail,
    and via direct log-in. This goes for ALL domains...main reseller and all resold domains, as well.

    NOW, here's the problem!

    I can go into the cpanel for whatever domain I'm working on and create new e-mail accounts without a hitch. They show up just fine when I log-in to or and click on "Manage Accounts" (under E-Mail Section) and they will work without a problem FROM THAT PAGE if I click on "Read Webmail"...BUT they won't work any other way.

    The created accounts can't be checked directly by logging in at or and they cannot be checked through an e-mail client such as Netscape Mail. The log-in simply won't work any other way than through cpanel as outlined above!

    Does anyone know WHY this is happening and IF there is any way around it???????????

    For most of my domains, this is not really a problem, since I'm the only one checking the e-mails (info@, billing@, webmaster@, etc.) for the domain anyhow and I can go through the extra steps in cpanel (though that IS a real pain in the $%&)....but for some of my domains, I NEED to be able to create e-mail accounts and have the new user be able ONLY to check mail via an outside client such as Netscape Mail OR be able to log in directly at !!!!! I can't give every one of my e-mail account users access to the main cpanel just to check their e-mail!!!!!!

    If anyone can help, thank you soooo very much for any advice!!!!
    I'm going crazy here trying to figure this out - and my host can't figure it out, either, so there's no help there.


    I've spent the past few days RE-looking through the hundreds of
    posts regarding NEOMAIL and have finally come across a couple
    of tricks that make this work for me. It's sort of a work-around,
    but it'll do!!!

    I'm now able to check anyone's mail at any of my domains via an
    external e-mail client OR via the format!

    Consider this post closed unless there's anyone out there with
    the same problem and you are interested in knowing what I've

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