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    Help with moving sites needed


    I'm currently looking for somebody to move all the sites on one of my servers to another.

    The old server has about 130 sites on it and they need to be moved to the new server which has about 4 sites on it. The old server was using Plesk 2.0 and the new one is using Plesk 2.5.

    If you can do this then please click the mail link and email your details including - *nix experience, how long it will take you to do this, rough outline of how you would do it and if any downtime will occur and how much you would charge for doing this.

    I need this done before the end of the month so I will decide on how does it in the next few days.

    I do have a current tech but he takes too long to reply to emails so if the person who gets the job does well then there will be a lot more work for them to do.


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    your email is disabled
    please check PM

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    Sorry about that diman. I have now enabled email

    I received your PM and I will respond to you once I hear from other people that are interested.


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