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    Bandwidth usage on Shared IP

    How do you monitor bandwidth usage of a user on a shared IP? -Quality Web Hosting & Reseller Plans
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    Re: Bandwidth usage on Shared IP

    Originally posted by DynastyHost
    How do you monitor bandwidth usage of a user on a shared IP?
    The webserver should generate seperate logfiles on a domain name basis, you can use a program like analog to parse them and it will tell you how much bandwidth that site has used. Although be careful of the users who access files through IP address and directory offset, that will be accessed through the main web server logfile and the only way to add them into the correct domain is through the directory in the filename accessed.
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    You have to extract the data from the log files of the various services there isn't really a 100% reliable way of doing it for a shared IP. This method does miss a bit of data so the amount recorded at the switch and the amount recorded in the log files will be different.

    For example if you have two domains and sharing the same IP then if someones goes to the shared ip of the two domains ( for example) then that data is recorded as traffic at the swtich but which domain would you bill for http traffic, neither.

    See the problem

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