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    ReiserFS file system and Quotas?

    I like reiserfs for the speed it produces in terms of the file system.
    But it doesn't seem to support quota's unless patched to do so.
    No problem patching.... But I would like to know your preferences.

    What is your prefered file system? I know there are a couple file systems that have the option to allow quota's by default.

    Anyone with an opinion on the file system they prefer on a linux box?
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    actually, we evaluated ReiserFS... what is your purpose? For example, I suggest to use software quotas if possible (for example, POP3/IMAP accounts).

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    We use ext3 on new servers, much better when you're working with large drives or drive arrays.
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    well ReiserFS has some pluses and some minuses. In some cases it's still very good (newsgroup/mail servers are just an example)..

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    ReiserFs is great for small files. It is faster with small files than any other file system. However, for some reason ReiserFS doesn't install with quotas. It has to be patched to handle quotas. So what I did was run reiserfs on all partitions except the partitions needed for quota use. EX: /home/ . On this partition I went ahead and used an alternative and turned on the quota's.

    It's really a combination of speed and accuracy. I think ReiserFS has this functionality and has proved to be the best journalized system in terms of speed with small files. But like mentioned, setting up quotas requires a patch and I'm not to fond about that.

    Maybe future versions will allow for quotas to be used as well. There is supposed to be a new version coming out around December of 2002.

    I think I have it under control though and appreciate all of your responses.

    Take care!
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