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    New template for sale

    Hi everybody, I have a new template for sale.


    comes with,

    Layered PSD file
    Free minor customisation

    The price is $75 via Paypal

    also any comments would be appreciated.

    PM me, or reply on this thread if your interested

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    Any Comments??? oh boy that is a bad thing to say around here..

    Looks really good.. Good work.. Do you do others than hosting?


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    I'd have to say that's very clean template

    Hope it sells well mate

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    CodeGuy, I can design templates to suit any types of websites.
    Just gimme a buzz if your interested.

    The "any comments" was for suggestions in improving the design.

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    Jul 2002
    Although the templates are very clean and uncluttered, they are also quite clunky looking and there isn't much to them.
    The swoosh logo concept, in my opinion, doesn't really work too well with the rest of the design, and the gradients look quite empty going from such a drastic change such as white to blue.
    Everything just looks like its twice as big as it has to be, especially your footer.
    Just some comments and constructive criticism.
    - chem

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    I think the design works, it just doesn't please the eye.

    I would add a little more "graphics" to the banner.

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    I think they are great, im not a big fan of masses of graphics i prefer nice clean fast loading templates, like yours

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