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    Could you please privide links of US based hardware
    companies who can build good 1U server on reasonable price

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    Thanks for the answer.
    Wow!!! I just found link
    I am happy now.

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    Best 1U servers

    Dell just came out with a 1550 1U server that can house 3 SCSI drives with RAID of various configurations and up to 4 PIII's or PIV's. We bought some and they are terrific.

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    I get all my stuff from a local shop called ProTronics. Their website is They really know their stuff. Andy is the individual that I deal with there. I had used IBM stuff for years, and it was nice equipment. The problem was that the stuff was so proprietary that when there was a problem, you could go with days of downtime...unless you're willing to shell out BIG bucks for the instant support contracts. With the servers I've bought from ProTronics, they use the best equipment, but it's standard for factor. So if you have a problem, it can be easily fixed with off the shelf type stuff. I reccomend them highly.

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    Take a look at They make a small rackmount platform called a RIA. It racks up four across on a shelf and is 3 1/2U high used space is .87U . My math places this server smaller than a 1U. The square geometry of the case would be much easier to remove heat from creating a more reliable platform......

    Just an idea,

    Kevin Facinelli
    [email protected]

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    Rack Saver isn't bad, the gear is high quality and their prices are well within the bounds of being affordable.


    Simon Weller
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    I really like the VA Linux 1120; although the systems we bought from PogoLinux were really nice too (and a lot cheaper!)

    Dell has some new interesting rackmounts. We have a demo unit, but it doesn't really offer any clear advantage.

    All in all, turning out to be a very saturated market.

    And with the SUN x1 on the horizon for $995, it seems that x86 boxes no longer have the clear price advantage.

    These are interesting times we live in ;-)
    Raj Dutt // CEO // Voxel dot Net Inc // [email protected]

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    Check these guys out!
    Ask for Dino He will get you pricing ASAP.
    They are using High end equipment all the way down to the cabling. 562-483-0111 x205

    They will most likely blow the stripes off of these other companies..$$$$$


    & usually only 3 day lead time to build the systems.

    You asked for it....
    The truth is now out in the open!

    p.s. they have a 1/2U w/3year warranty!!!!!!!

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