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    * The MEGA hosting plan. Only 7 users will be added to one PIII 1000mhz server!

    (MR-01 PLAN) 7 accounts available.

    - 3000mb disk space
    - 45gig traffic in/out
    - 10 POP3 emails
    - 30 email forwards
    - 10 MYSQL databases
    - FTP/SSH/CGI/PHP access
    - Static IP
    - No setup
    - $19.00 US month

    There are only going to be 7 USERS in this machine only. If you need more pop3/forwards etc, it can be arranged. The machine is based on a PIII 1000mhz, 512mb ram and 40gig hdd. Please email me for availability [email protected] or visit
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