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    Banner space @

    We have just open our new site and our now offering banner
    spaces to WHT members first b4 anyone else.

    Its a New comunity site for php-nuke themes called

    We have now been open for 2 and a bit days (23rd july)
    and already received 41,000 page views

    Site Stats

    468x60 banner ad: $40 per month <<<EDIT>>> (All 4 spots on hold)
    120x600 tower banner ad: $55 per month

    Payments by : Paypal

    For now we will only accept a maximum of 4 486x60 customers!
    And a maximum of 2 120x600 customers!

    All done by banner rotation. Also you'll get your
    own banner account to login to and check you stats.

    This is Ideal for
    You must be-able to provide server support for PHP-Nuke
    Which is just php/mysql.

    And any graphic/web designers
    That can provide templates for php-nuke.

    Also php/mysql programmers that can offer custom
    scripts to run in php-nuke.

    E-mail us @
    [email protected]

    Edited prices (This is this month only)
    I put up a temp banner of mine for one day now and as done
    Imp. Made = 14047
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    How can your website get 41,000 page views in just two days after opening? Your site isn't even listed in google..

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    They came from the main php-nuke site.

    So when we are in google and the other search engines (which we are doing now) We will be getting hell of alot more.

    PHP-Nuke is a very large web commumity, this is one reason why we got so many page views.


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    there looks to be some confusion on the stats - the number is called both Page Views & Hits.

    There is a big difference between page views & hits - getting 48,000 hits in a month is a lot less than 48,000 page views. Each page view might be 20 server hits - each graphic on the page = 1 hit.

    It would be more pertinent to quote unique visitor count & the referring domains.

    I think $50 / month is too high - you should consider a CPM price rather than a flat fee for a site that has just launched.

    Good luck with the site though
    Andrew McMaster
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    Those are unbelievably high numbers for such a young site, but I do believe they are "page views". These stats are generated from the scripts own logging, so they won't count a hit (for a graphic, for example) as a view.

    Most likely they'll record the hit in the script.

    However, if for some reason they were parsing the log file to generate the stats, then there could be confusion on hits/views.

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    These are PAGE VIEWS not image views.

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    Where does the traffic come from?
    Andrew McMaster
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    He told you, the main PHP Nuke site.

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