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    Secure Web Browsing !!! Virtual PC Network


    We are about to launch a new Product later this week and are taking
    pre- orders for this and No Payment is required upfont as you will get
    a FREE 7 day trial

    What is the service i hear you saying ?

    Want to surf the internet securely and without trace ?

    Don't want your boss or anyone else to know what site's you have visited or CANT due to your ISP Etc

    Then we have the answer for you

    Please read the information below

    A system simple to use and which does not require any installation by you. Instead of working on your fixed or portable computer, you use any computer available to connect you on your desktop on our PC located in a DC with a 100mbps link

    You can work on Windows with complete freedom. Imagine a powerful PC,available day and night, connected to a network of 100Mbps! You have your account and your exclusive space there.

    This is ideal for the businessmen, student. activists and all the people who need complete access to a PC wherever they are.

    You can leave your open programs and find them in the state later.

    The IP of your residence is left like a trace everywhere.

    Even some proxy transmit your real IP address

    You are completely protected . Technically, you operate by remote control with your keyboard and the mouse a computer which you use to browse the Internet.

    Which are the applicable laws?

    For us, you must respect the laws in progress in the Netherlands because NO-PC is physically in Amsterdam. The Netherlands have the laws among most liberal in the world. The Internet is not censured in the Netherlands whereas it is it in countries like France or Germany

    Do I have to install a program to reach my desktop?

    This is based on a small program already included in all the versions of Windows. It is enough to go in Accessoirs, then Communication to find it. It is called Remote Desktop on Windows.

    Can I keep my files, URL, preferences, passwords on my account?

    Absolutely. Space is allocated to you. Nobody other than you can access them

    Is this the transmission is protected?
    All the exchange between you and your desktop is automatically encrypted in 128 bits. The signal which passes by your chart network is encrypted. Even your supplier of access Internet will not be able to know what you do. An encrypted signal can be a connection to your desktop, but also to any site in https:// (Bank, eCommerce… etc).

    The University provides computers, but generally, they are decayed and the files which you leave on the spot can be open, to see unobtrusive office by the administrator of the system. Moreover, if you work elsewhere, you do not have any access to the files which you would have left, With our service your office is accessible anywhere. That you are at, on your holiday place or in your parents, your office is accessible without restrictions. You can even leave your open files and reach it to work each time you have a little time. Do not lose any more of the invaluable minutes to open your preferred sites, applications and others.

    You arrive to Egypt to sign an important contract. On the spot, the Internet is slow and half of the sites which you usually use are censured. Your associate sent a pdf of 19 Mb to you, it takes 2 hours to download it Only one solution: Your desptop. Return the IP and the password of your space and fly away! The pdf is downloaded and opened in 10 seconds. All the Internet is accessible to you with no limits.

    Private life
    First of all, it is not the IP of your own computer which can be seen on the sites you visit just the desktop on your account which means you can surf without fear of anyone knowing

    Ok and now for the 3 plans we have available


    1 GIg Secure Desktop Space
    Web Browsing Only
    $13.99 per month or 10 Euros per month

    5 Gig Secure Desktop Space
    Ability to install certain programs or run Our installed apps

    $29.99 per Month or 20 Euros per month

    30 Gig Secure Desktop Space
    Ability to install certain programs or run Our installed apps

    $29.99 per Month or 20 Euros per month

    Any questions then please ask away?

    All accounts will come with a FREE 7 day trial with no obligations



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    Just a quick update on this

    The following will all be pre-instaled and ready for use

    Browsers: All will be installed
    FTP Program: Yes (silver and gold only)
    MAIL: Thunderbird (silver and gold only)
    Open Office (silver and gold only)

    Gold accounts can upload their programs for installation.


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    Waiting you send link to sign up trial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninesme View Post
    Waiting you send link to sign up trial.

    A sign up link is below for all packages

    As stated in the advert above this service goes live later this week and once live you will be sent your login and full details you will need to use this service

    And you will get a FULL 7 days FREE before being invoiced








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