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    Choosing a host -- advice wanted

    I'm looking to set up a fairly small personal website and need to choose a host. I'm looking for some advice on good hosts for my needs, and hopefully some of you can help me out with suggestions.

    Up until recently, I was strongly considering CyberPixels, but the recent fiasco has me strongly reconsidering that option. Would any of you still recommend them as a good host after they resolve their current problems? If so, do you think these problems will be fully resolved within the next month?

    I'm also strongly considering phpwebhosting, but I've seen some complaints about them, too (although I've also seen many recommendations from users who had positive experiences with them).

    Anyway, let me explain my needs so you can hopefully give me some good recommendations. As I've said, this is a personal website, which will probably be relatively small and low-traffic, but I don't necessarily want small, dirt-cheap, unreliable hosts, so keep that in mind.

    Most of all, I'm looking for a host that will be around years from now. I used to run a large gaming site a few years ago, and the site was doing great for several years -- until the host went down. And when a site that's normally updated daily goes down for a few weeks, the loss of traffic is brutal =(

    The site I'm preparing now won't be too similar to that one, but I need a reliable host for different needs. First and foremost, I plan on routing all of my email through my new domain for the foreseeable future -- several years, at least -- and if the host suddenly goes down and the domain stops working, I'm in trouble.

    Uptime is somewhat important for the same reason - I really don't mind some downtime here and there, but if the downtime is more than a few hours and emails are bouncing, that's a very big problem for me.

    Cost is another major consideration. I'm not looking to spend more than about $10/month, and less would be nice, but not if it means a low-quality, unreliable host.

    I don't anticipate needing more than about 50 MB of storage, but having more space is always nice. I expect traffic to be fairly low, but some leeway would be nice.

    A few subdomains and additional FTP accounts are a must, and it would be nice if I could restrict some FTP accounts to only have access to certain subdomains (does phpwebhosting allow additional FTP accounts to be set up easily? I don't see it mentioned on their site).

    Unlimited email forwards/aliases are a must (other than some blogging, that's my major need), along with at least a few POPs. Mailing Lists and webmail are nice, but not a necessity.

    PHP, Perl, and SSI are a necessity. A nice control panel and good support are a plus as well. And any other features are always appreciated, although I think I've touched on all of the necessities.

    Enough boring details; any and all advice is wanted. Thanks in advance for any help; it's greatly appreciated!


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    Hi Scott,

    I realize that you are asking for advice about which host to choose, but if I were you I would repost this into the "Web Hosting Requests" forum and I guarantee that you'll get many, many offers. Take the offers that seem appealing to you and email those companies at their support / pre sales email address in order to get a feel for them, ask questions, try their services, get a demo, etc.

    There are many good hosting companies that frequent this site and I'm sure one of them will work out great for you.

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    I realize that you are asking for advice about which host to choose, but if I were you I would repost this into the "Web Hosting Requests" forum and I guarantee that you'll get many, many offers.
    This is correct. Find hosts within your price range, evaluate their business plan, contact someone "in-the-know" with the company and see if they respond. This'll hopefully help gauge potential hosts eagerly seeking your business.



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    Sounds good. I just saw that this forum's description said "Discussions on all aspects of web hosting including...choosing a host," while I somewhat disregarded the Advertising forums -- I'm hoping for customer testimonials rather than seeing actual hosts advertising with marketspeak, although it might be a bit naive to assume that some hosts aren't pretending to post as "satisfied customers" anyway.

    So keeping in mind that I'm not realy looking for advertisements, but comments from customers, would it still be better to repost in the other forum? If so, I'll go ahead and do so, but I want to confirm that's the appropriate forum first.


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    You won't get many (if any) comments from customers in the advertising forums, this would be the right forum for that, but -- you might be waiting here a few days for more than a couple customer testimonials. It might be worth posting in the advertising forum and then ask the hosting providers that look good to you for some customer references that you can check out yourself, and hope [some hosts aren't pretending to post as "satisfied customers" no one would do that right?!]

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    Hi SMN................I don't know if my host has what you are looking for.........but if they meet your needs then I would recommend them based on their support alone. I was a CW
    customer and decided to look elsewhere when this mess started with CW. After doing some research on this forum I chose dot5, the staff at dot5hosting were very quick to respond. They had me up and running in a very short time and their answers to any and all questions were very prompt and courteous. I haven't been there a long time but I have had no problems with any of my sites and I believe they have a 99.7 guaranteed uptime..........Hope this helps

    Good Luck in your search

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    I was in your shoes last week.

    I posted in the Hosting wanted forums and got several replies.
    I found 8 that fit my pocketbook.
    I checked to see how long people were in bizness.
    Then I e-mailed three or four for more info.

    dot5 had some nice small custom packages
    I went with because of the very quick responce to my e-mails and a nice phone conversation.
    My set up at Dixie was quick and I received all the info I needed to get started from them in a nice easy to understand e-mail

    my .07 (adjusted for inflation)


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