My dedicated server with went online on Monday. While it is way to early for you to take my word on how wonderful they are, I did want to share that I managed to nuke my TCP/IP settings TWICE in two days. (Oops. It was a custom kernel, weird use of IPs, problems with bandmin, etc.) The first time (only about two hours in), David tried to reboot it and it wouldn't respond, so someone drove to Miami from West Palm Beach to see if it could be brought back online. Well, it was up, but not responding. David emailed and asked if it was okay to just reimage since it did not appear I'd done much with it (besides break it). They promptly reimaged it, but kept it in their office (not in the datacenter) so that if I screwed it up again while configuring it it wouldn't be a big deal to reboot it. (I think David's somewhat of a precog too, since today I managed to screw it up again. This time at least I knew what I'd done. David fixed the TCP/IP settings almost immediately. I'll finish configuring it tomorrow, and then it can go back to the datacenter once we're all sure I'm not going to goof it up again. may be a budget provider, but so far I'm VERY happy with the level of customer service. Some providers would have taken longer to respond and then would have charged to reimage or do a quick TCP/IP fix. Think I'll keep these guys.

Of course, if I keep screwing up my TCP/IP settings on a daily basis, it isn't clear that they'll want to be kept.

David, I think I'm done messing up TCP/IP now, honest! Thanks for the great service - you've been awesome.