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    Hey Guys,

    This is probably simple for you guys to answer, this is kind of new for me so please be nice. This is for my test servers at home. I have currently only have one ip, and I have a lan setup with 4 pc's. I have windows 2000 server as the only server which is serving the other clients and has the webserver activated, for development process (not hosting, I'm on simple cable @home). What I wanted to do is convert an existing client into a Rehat Linux Server and allow my self to access this server via the internet. So basically I want to have 2 servers setup using one ip. This is question I have, is this possible using only one ip? I want to be able to work on perl/php apps for testing from the internet on my linux box, and build asp apps on my windows 2000 server. I know the easiest way for me to set this up would be just to setup a dual boot on my windows 2k server, but I want keep the win2kserver up as well for testing. I haven't been able to find the proper way of making this work? I will keep searching, just thought you guys would probably have done this sort of setup. Any tutorials, url's and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you kindly!

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    you can setup

    You can setup 2 servers on one machine with the same IP, only problem is youll have to change the ports so you can tell between one server or the other, you can not run the same IP on 2 different machines. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    Ah man, I figure that, I think my best bet is to get another ip, kewl bro thanks

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