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    Eggdrop/Psybnc/Psotnic/IRCd/Shoutcast !!

    Hello IRCERS !!

    HostingInside is Taiwan based company, founded on march 2004 and we have 3 servers(click here for information about our servers) to provide nice services for ircers !!

    Favorites packages:

    - 2 PsyBNC User/Nick
    - 2 Free Personal/Private Vhost
    - No SSH access
    - No background process
    - Access to all public vhosts

    Indonesia Rupiah : Rp. 27500.00/month
    US Dolar : $3.00 USD/month
    Malaysia Ringgit : RM 11.00/month
    Taiwan Dollar : NT 99.00/month

    - 2 bg process(eggdrop only)
    - 2 Free Personal/Private Vhost
    - 1 shell login
    - SSH Access
    - Crontab Access
    - Access to all public vhosts
    - Quota 35 MB

    Indonesia Rupiah : Rp. 45000.00/month
    US Dolar : $5.00 USD/month
    Malaysia Ringgit : RM 18.00/month
    Taiwan Dollar : NT 165.00/month

    For other BULK, IRCD and SHOUTCAST package, please click here.

    We accept payment through PayPal, Taiwan Bank, Indonesia Bank and Malaysia Bank. For more information please click here.

    For more information please reply to this thread or pm to me.
    Taiwan Dedicated Server
    Taiwan, US, UK & Germany XEN Based VPS with RAID 10

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    Dear Sir,
    I knew someone offering accounts on hostinginside, the nickname on IRC is Nokoya, he sold several accounts to me and my friends, but presently all boxes are down and all account frozen
    Please clarify this matter.
    Waityng your prompt reply


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