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    Nameserver problems

    Do any of you know what the heck would be causing our nameservers to be working sometimes, but not others. I'm getting reports from customers that sites are reachable from home and not from work...things like that. We seem to have lots of trouble with foreign traffic as well.

    Any hints you guys could throw at me to help me figure this out would help a lot!

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    I think it would be helpful if you tell us what dns-server you use? It really sounds like bind...

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    My's bind running on a RH 7.2 box with Cpanel.

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    Currently, I am having the same problem.

    I cannot go to with IE or ping it, but I can load webhostingtalk via my America Online.

    I cannot ping google and load google as well as many other sites.

    Some sites are loadable and some sites aren't.

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    Any answers

    I'd be interested to know if a fix has been found for this?

    What would be the cause if this occurred intermittently on windows DNS servers?
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