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    * Ded server request

    I have a LOT to ask for. I need a dedicated server with these specs:

    40GB hdd
    300GB transfer
    512MB ram
    2 ips
    RH 7.2

    No plesk, cpanel, or anything like that. I really need free setup and to be able to pay at like the end of the month, instead of at the beginning. Kind of like get the server right now, and pay later. Sounds very risky for sellers, I know. But it's really really extremely important! Please email me at [email protected] with your offers. Thanks!!

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    wrong forum

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    What forum should it be in?

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    Webhosting Requests forum

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    I think you need to give a reason for that. Getting free setup is good already, but asking to pay at the end of the month may just be too risky for the provider.

    Why do you need such a requirement?


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    I think it would be hard and invloves a lot of trust.

    What if you don't pay at the end of the month. You see what I mean?

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