I have spent the last 6 months looking for a new host. I have used Addr for a year and a half now. They started out great but have been getting worse as things go along. More downtime, 1 very rude customerservice experience, hard to get through to tech support if at all, have to chmd cgis to 777, don't like that much. All in all they are sinking and I know I better jump ship while I still can.

In attempting to switch I tried a couple other hosts that were pretty bad so I am now very leary. So far I like what Unilay offers but I have searched the web and not been able to find any postings about their quality of service. I am not sure whether this is good or bad. No bad posts is good, no good posts could mean anything. Any users out there who can tell me what the quality of service & customer service is like?

My site is my living, like many others. If there are problems it is very important to receive fast help to fix them. This is where so many hosts fail. They just want the money and really don't make customer service a priority, but for webmasters this is a priority.

I would appreciate any feedback on them.