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    Exclamation ads pub software control

    I seek a porgamme in Perl or php for the management of the ads and the pub

    excuse-me i dont speak good english

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    Hi you are looking for a program to manager advertising banners? If so let us know we have a real easy to use one. Just add the banners, choose time or clicks, and put the java script swhere you want the banners to rotate..

    If you are looking for some good fried chicken we can help there too... and not the chicken from this place either.. (sorry mr chicken)

    BTW the program is in php/MySQL cost about $60 US paypal or V/MC is fine.


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    or try to find a copy of phpadsnew. i use it for my servers banner rotation. best part is, its free, and setting it up requires un tarring a file, importing a sql script, and editing a file with the values for your server.
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