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    Question Cname

    I was wondering if it is possible to have a CNAME record for say:
    '' point to ''?
    Or if CNAME's have to point to actual domains (not directories)?

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    nope! You can't do that!

    You will need to do the following
    1.) setup CNAME record
    2.) setup WWW server (apache) to do the forwarding


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    Well, what I am doing is creating subdomains that need to point to a directory on a domain (like CPanel does). What is the best way to do this?

    Or would it be easier just to create virtual accounts for the subdomains? I am making a system where users can sign up (sort of like hypermart) and get their own subdomain

    The only reason I might not want to create virtual accounts for them is because it might make a heavier server load when there are hundreds of virtual accounts on a server.

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    well, you do not need to create a virtual account for each user.

    You can configure/set-up redirect in httpd.conf file, thus, you can create mysql backend and scripts that generate httpd.conf file with VirtualHost's and redirect rules And there you go, a professional redirection service.

    I suggest you also read some info on different redirect codes (eg. 302....) you will probably find it in HTTP protocol RFC

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    Any tutorials on how I could go about doing this?

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    1) go to
    2) point an NS for your to
    3) add a webhop for "" --> http://where.every/poo.html


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