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    * Stupid Question...Please Help!

    I'm a novice, but I realize this is a stupid question:

    Is there a way to setup a Microsoft Exchange Server on a Red Hat based OS?

    Also, how can an auto-reply be created within regular Microsoft Outlook (i.e. not in exchange)?

    Please help. Thank you.

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    Re: Stupid Question...Please Help!

    Originally posted by ENYC
    Is there a way to setup a Microsoft Exchange Server on a Red Hat based OS?
    No. You will need a Microsoft Server OS to install it.

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    If you told us why you would want Exchange to run on Unix, perhaps someone could give you a comparitive or alternate solution that would work equally as well?

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    For access to my inbox from anywhere and all of Outlooks other features.

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    You can't install Exchange or anything similar in UNIX (that I am aware of), but you can certainly install Samba (SMB) on the UNIX box and then use a VPN to connect to it. The advantage is that you can run your Outlook files (.psd) right from the UNIX server giving you total mobility
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    Wouldn't outlook work with regular pop3 smtp servers which can be ran on linux. I thought that Exchange is normally used for corporate LANS WANS. Might be wrong though.

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