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    Question How much would you charge for a site development?

    Hi all,

    I was wondering how much you would charge to develop a site with, say, 10 sections, 200 words per section, an average of 5 or so images, etc. Certain sections will include a photo album, a member login, searchable directory, ability to add new contents via an app / script, etc..

    How much would you charge:
    (1) if the scripts are already available?
    (2) if the scripts are custom made?

    Would you go by an hourly or a flat rate?


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    I hate hourly rates. We have used two developers on three projects using flat rate and would only do it that way.

    Another organization I'm with is using someone on an hourly rate, and I don't really like it. Too much chance of overbilling because it took 2 extra hours to do something or something like that.

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    I like the approach of using hourly rates internally, to create an estimate, and then giving that estimate as a project price. Different parts of the project are calculated at different hourly rates depending on their complexity (and in some cases that means different people will do them and be paid varying rates for their work).

    What that approach does is let you create an accurate estimate, but while avoiding situations where the client is questioning your timesheets, or why a particular task should be paid at this rate, and who is doing what, etc... none of that should be their concern, and they really shouldn't care how many hours it takes you to do the job... give them a price for what they want.

    But the other side of that is that it requires a pretty strong understanding of what the finished project will be at the start, strong communication, sound planning, etc. You can't charge a project price and then give the client something they don't like and have to go back and put in "free" hours fixing it.

    The point of all of that is that it's hard to give a real estimate without more details on the project: what kind of images? Custom, provided by the client, stock? Is the copy written already? To what extent would we re-work it? Stuff like that. For my company, though, a project like that would probably start at around $800 to $1200 if the scripts were handed to us, maybe 50% more if not. And higher for a particularly unique site. But we're not particularly cheap.
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    If you are asking how much you should charge your customer, it really depends on your market. But if this helps we just completed a site very similar to what you are asking.

    I was going to write down all the steps we took in the process but it was way too long.

    This site has the following:

    Home | About | Directory | Links | Calendar | Message Board | Gallery | Membership | Apprenticeship | Contact | Member Login

    The member login has a news section updateable by the admin
    A Section to submit a photo to the gallery
    A section to update their listing in the directory
    The events calendar is updatable from the calendar section

    We used prewritten php scripts and customized them for the site.

    The original bid was estimated at $2500 to $2900.
    We estimated our time at around 50 hours but never tell the customer how many hours, just a number of weeks.

    The project took a total of 38 hours, including two meetings with the customer.

    Total price: $2300.00
    This includes additional time over the next two weeks for the customer to do minimal changes at a max of 1/2 hour per section.

    Additional changes above and beyond requires a new estimate.

    The bonus for us was that the customer requested that we put our link at the bottom of the pages. I think this looks cheesy for sites to do this, but I'm not going to pass on free advertising.

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    I design some commerical websites on the site, and I'm a fan of the internal-hourly approach. However, I always present the pricing as a flat rate.

    For example, a client gives me a project, and I think "well, this is going to take me about 60 hours to complete". I figure I'll charge $30 an hour and work 15 hours a week, so I tell the client the project is $1800 and I'll have it done in a month.

    I tell the customer upfront that if the project requirements increase significantly from the estimate, I'll have to readjust the price.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the input! I'll keep that in mind next time. I thought average price was around $300-$500. I guess my friend got a good deal from me when I setup his site along with a custom item management script. Tsk..tsk..

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    HI there,
    you will find different prices all over the place. when you are just starting out, you have to charge ridiculously low prices in order to get the first couple of customers.
    then you can charge more.
    300-500 $ for the begining is not bad, especially if you can mix it with hosting.
    get a reseller account and provide a decently priced package deal with both hosting and design....doubledipping always helps.

    I personnaly charge about 300-500 for a site no matter what, as long as I am allowed a bit of creative control over the project. then I get an extra 120 for hosting a year plus about 30-50 a month for updates.... it does add up..
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