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    Some Sites for Sale ...

    Here's a couple sites we have for sale ... thanks for taking a look...
    -------------------------------- - $50 (good domain!)
    Hosting directory. php/mysql driven., approx 6-7 months old, getting 25-50 uniques per month. - $50
    Jokes site that comes with approx 800-1000 jokes. php/mysql driven. - $40
    Vitamin site, affiliate driven, nice site, simply market and collect commissions. - $20
    Encryption site, encrypt your important code, or paypal info on your sites! - $40
    Text Messaging site. Great for the younger crowd, get nice google/yahoo clicks too, as well as banner ad placements! - $25
    Lawyer site/directory. Can be free or paid listings - great google/yahoo click
    opportunities! - $40
    Cool little site that utilizes the most popular things/events/searches that are happening - works with Yahoo and Wikipedia!! - $30
    Classified site, pretty self explanitory. - $30
    again, pretty self explanitory - directory for just about anything you like! - $35
    Great site that offers the ability to send people large files. You upload the file, and then it notifies the person to download their file! - $45
    Image hosting site ... very nice and clean design!

    www.Search-Pilot.COM - $30
    Search engine that pulls from google results. Nice and simple. - $40
    VERY clean myspace code generator site ... modify your myspace profile, etc!

    www.NorPortal.COM - $20
    nice portal - great starter site! - $40
    FREE service site that monitors your sites downtime, if a site goes does it automatically notifies you. - $50
    Recipe site that has approx 800 reciepes already included! including 400+ "Secret Recipes". - $50
    FREE Font download site - has over 3000 fonts already included! - $40
    Nice design, easy to navigate .. admin you can change the pricing on the forms, add forms, categories, etc.

    --------------------------------- - $25 - $25
    $40 for the pair

    --------------------------------- - $50 - $50 - $50

    Utilizes eBay feeds, earn commissions on all bids/bins, etc!


    3 Web Tools sites! - $50 - $50 - $40

    --------------------------------- - $50 - $25


    Directory Sites: - $45 - $45


    Post SOLD to claim ... most all the domains are registered at either GoDaddy or eNom ... free push ... thanks to all in advance! Jerimy. - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

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    A WHOIS lookup on some of the names show that they are owned by different people. How can one be sure that you have Authority to sell them? - for all your Hosting needs
    Helping people Host, Create and Maintain their Web Site
    ServerAdmin Services also available

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    Please let me know which ones, and i'll be more than happy to double check why this is the case, but i can assure you that i'm rightful owner ... (now we have sold a couple and may have already changed whois record after the transfer)

    please advise, thanks! Jerimy. - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

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    So how about posting which ones are sold currently?
    And at the same time, maybe you can explain this one: - $50 (good domain!)
    Hosting directory. php/mysql driven., approx 6-7 months old, getting 25-50 uniques per month.
    That domain is showing a Sedo parking page. Not a hosting directory with your own back-end included, but instead Sedo parking content from the looks of it. Can you explain?
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    sorry, was waiting to compile all the things that were pending too ... here's a list of things that have been sold:

    ::: THREAD UPDATE ::: sold sold sold sold sold sold

    Thanks to everyone thus far Jerimy. - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

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    37 - $40
    script included?

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    yes, script included .. thanks, please advise if interested .. Jerimy. - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

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    Just to say I believe this is the same person from sitepoint, way back when , and he is an honest seller.

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    Scott, you are correct mate and thanks for the props!

    odd, i used to have several hundreds posts here, but not sure if WHT changed some rules or what, i was shocked when i came back here and only saw like 15 ... weird! but nonetheless i've been around a while - Social Bookmarking Script!! - Tutorial Script for Sale!

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