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    Any suggestions? Please read!

    As alot of you may have noticed EARhost has had a few bad problems due to support. Anyways, they guy I payed to do the support happens to work for Totally Hosted
    ( )

    So I went on over to their live chat to see if John Clairns (the support guy) was there but it was someone else. So I spoke to him and told him about my situation and he said he would tell Ben, the owner of Totally Hosted about the situation and more than likely he would send it to me and deduct it from his salary.

    The next day I get an email from him wanting proof so I send him the whole ICQ transcripts from mine and his convo's which clearly puts him in the wrong. He says "It seems he did everything he promised. Also about the 24/7 support, from the looks of the transcripts you spoke to him pretty much 24/7 soo...". (It is good to know I can stay awake 24/7

    For example, when I first payed him he said 24/7 support. Then about 1 week later when I relise it is more like 7/7 support I confront him about it. He says, in order for us to do 24/7 support you will have to send another $***, so I send it.

    That is when it started to go WAY downhill. They or he starts slacking off even more and maybe answering an average of 3 ticket per day out of dozens.

    Anyways, when I fired him I requested half the money back and he said no problem, I will do it when my credit card gets cleared. 2 days max he says. It has now been over a week, and my serveral attempts to contact him has failed.

    Sorry for the long post, anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do?

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    Re: Any suggestions? Please read!

    Originally posted by fractiousws
    Sorry for the long post, anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do?
    Without a written contract...probably just learn from the experience. Unless there was a stipulated minimum response time or similar, I can't see what options you have available to you other than to ask again.


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