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    FS:Qsol 1.8ghz Server, Cisco 2924 XL EN Switch

    Qsol server 1u WebServer

    Intel Pentium 4 1.8ghz
    SuperMicro Motherboard
    512mb DDR RAM
    60gb Hard Drive
    Red Hat Linux 7.3

    Excellent build quality, true reliability/quality as expected from a vendor like Qsol. Only several weeks old.


    The server is in Nac, so if you co-locate with PwebTech or have racks directly with Nac then we can move it without shipping hassle. Alternatively ship at your expense.

    Cisco 2924 Switch XL EN
    Only few weeks old, 24 port Cisco switch. Locate in NAC too, can ship to anywhere in US at your expense.


    Contact asap, before friday morning.

    Payment by Paypal, uk bank transfer, uk cheque, nochex.
    MattF - Since the start... twitter / github

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    I'll take that switch.

    Give me payment info (PM me)

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