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    phpmanager and hostcharge (and ensim)

    I wanted to know if anyone have setup phpmanager to integrate with hostcharge with their new API?

    also - can anyone confirm that phpmanager is working on an ensim integration, its a little unclear on their website/forum.

    thanks a lot guys!


    (edit: with the new hostcharge api)
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    I think you should post these questions in the PHPManager Forums as you are more likely to get a reply that way.

    I believe the Ensim add on has not been released due to complications in the latest update.
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    They are working on it. Right now the new API isn't exactly up to par, my understanding is that some of the functions (including the callback) isn't functioning perfectly just yet.

    Once the API is a little more stable either the team or someone will make a hack (if no one else I will )
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    I use phpManager - I'm still waiting on my hostcharge account to be created *aHem!* but it's a pretty solid program. I still haven't gotten the install all ironed out (haven't gave it that much time though.) I'm thinking of waiting for the ensim module to come out to really start looking at it.
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