Hi, below are two templates designed by a talented developer at Creative-Eye.

Template 1: http://www.creative-eye.net/thumbsup.gif

Comes with;

The original Photoshop PSD files

- Full support (including slicing the file and converting to HTML)

- Free help with design changes (if you don't like the logo, or want to use different images we will change things for you)

- Fully customisable - we will change colours, or fonts, or positions of images for free

- 3 month guaranteed support!! So even within the next 3 months if you need any help or want to change things around on the site we will help you free of charge!

On site price: $22.95

WHT Special Price: ONLY $12.95


Template 2: http://www.creative-eye.net/templates/cetemp8.gif

Comes with;

All the same as mentioned for the previous template.

On site price: N/A

WHT Special Price: ONLY $8.95


Offers and comments are welcome. More templates will be advertised in the future. Thanks.

Contact: [email protected] if you are interested.