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    Recommendations for Raq sellers

    Hi there, this is my first post here so be gentle.

    I've used raqs in work for a while, but i'd really like to get my own one for hosting my personal stuff and for playing about with. So i'm looking for a good deal in the UK on a raq. As its just for me, and im very poor , i need the cheapest available without getting a rubbish service.

    So if anyone has any recomendations for UK places i'd appreciate it, as all the offers i see here only offer 5 gig bandwidth a month, while all the american sellers offer between 300-400gig a month!

    Or is there anyone who is based in the UK but uses an american dedicated server provider? Has there been any problems with that?

    I'm open to any ideas that you can offer me at this stage.


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    I can help you pm me for details
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    1,354 offer more generous bandwidth than most of the UK dedicated server people I've seen.
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