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    looking for php/mysql programmer for customization of oscommerce

    I'm interested in looking for a php/mysql programmer who has experience with oscommerce and is able to customize the layout a bit. I'm not asking for you to program any new modules or anything of that sort, i just need the layout to be re-designed a bit so it doesnt look like every other oscommerce site. I can supply any logos or other designs that you may need to make the design more customized if needed, im fairly skilled with photoshop. I'm open to different designs, just show me an example of what you plan on doing and i'll let u know. Otherwise, i'm sure i can find a design i would like to replicate. I'm looking for someone that is affordable and wont blow a hole in my checkbook. You dont have to be a professional php programmer or anything of that nature, as long as you can get the job done. If you think you're qualifed for this and can offer an affordable and reasonable price, please email me at: [email protected] I'd also be willing to put a link on the site to you or your company if the price is right. Thanks.


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    you got mail ;-)

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    We have someone who does oscommerce customizations. We'd have to know more about your project to give you a quote. Please send me an email to [email protected] to discuss the specifics.

    I know you said you didn't need modules, but I just wanted to mention that this is a very talented person, who is able to do all levels of custom work for oscommerce including modules. His work is top quality, he works fast, and is very professional.

    Also, we recently added Fantastico to our services provided to customers. Fantastico does a complete installation of oscommerce within a minute. This can be a real timesaver, especially if you have multiple accounts to install. This is a free service we provided to all of our hosting and reseller accounts.


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    Contact Mr.Mike Milano here:

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