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    Question on advertising for webhosts ...

    I have just been reading the link above this forum talking about signing up for "PPCForWebhosts"

    It's a free directory you can sign up for and you can expand by setting up a "pay for click thru"

    Has anyone used these sorts of services?

    What are their value?

    Many Thanks!

    Robin Ray

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    All these url's came from a Google phrase search for "pay per click".

    Here's a PPC forum:
    Article about PPC:
    Sometime "review sites" are just hidden advertising... "reviews" might be glib words run out by paid hacks. Here's a site that claims to review PPC's without remuneration and without bias:
    Her's another article:

    Bottom line... (my opinion) pay per click should, at best, be part of a promotion strategy, part of an overall approach to advertising.

    -- John Sinclair
    ~John Sinclair

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    Just as clarification, PPCforHosts is unlike other generalized pay-per-click search engines such as Overture, FindWhat, Kanoodle, etc. Those engines are term-based and not industry-specific. PPCforHosts is tailored specifically to web hosting searches, and all the sites on which PPCforHosts searches are displayed are hosting- and web developer-related.

    So to compare PPCforHosts to an Overture, FindWhat, or Kanoodle is sort of apples-to-oranges -- they have totally different targeting and distribution models.


    Will Smith

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    Will Smith [/B]

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    Thanks for your responses on this. I apprecite it!

    Robin Ray

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