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    Cool designer's site and forums

    hi everyone,

    would appreciate any feedback (positive and negative) on my personal site and a design forum i've set up.

    main site :
    forum site :

    thanks for your time!

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    very nice!

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    main site:
    As a designer's site, the splash page doesn't really draw my curiosity. The graphics on the main site don't really catch my attention. The graphics are rather blah looking. As a graphic design company you should have some off the wall, eye catching, exciting graphics on your site. That's your main objective, isn't it... Also your menu (squares) are very hard to find. You might want to come up with something to flag visitors so they know where the menu is.

    forum site:
    As far as the design, it looks like any other forum, only so "white" looking. It could look a lot better if you darken some parts of it.

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    I agree with many of punaboy's comments. Your splash page was a huge turn off, but for the purpose of commenting on your main site, I continued on.

    I really think you should re-do the navigation bar. Firstly, it took me a while to realize that there actually was one. Secondly, it annoys me having to go over the tiny squares in order to find out where they lead.

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    I like the background graphic on the splash page, but the blue overlay doesn't appeal to me.

    Disliked the 'new window' navigation system however, it does look good. It would look better as the splash page.

    I'd suggest a warning to your users to put on sunglasses before entering the forums It's a bit bright.


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    i agree with some of the comments that were made. i don't find the splash page appealing. in fact, it doesn't flow when entering your site. the spash isn't bad, it doesn't work with what you are trying to say.

    when entering the main site, it looks like a great start. i really like where you are heading with it. especially the middle part with the graphics and such. everything else is pretty flat. i want to see the graphic technique used in the middle part and apply it to the grey area as well. it looks like you just made it solid to fill up space.

    i agree about the navigation. i don't like how i had to look for the menu and how i had to rollover in order to find out where i'm going. but, that looks like an easy fix and woon't effect the overall look.

    you may also want to put a section about you, the site. i wanted to know what the site was all about and couldn't find any info on it. i don't know how others are, but the first thing i usually do is look for that info to get a better idea of who they are and what they are all about. when viewing the credits section, i don't like how you scattered the peoples names. it looks disorganized. especially since the site it self is so well organized.

    the forums doesn't go with the site design. it does work with the splash page.

    i hope that helped and was something you were looking for as far as critiques are concerned.

    good luck with whatever you choose.

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    I thought is was very good. Some colors appear to bright, but it is overall good.

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    Thank you all for the great feedback!!

    yes, i've had positive and negative views regarding the navigational menu...will see what i can do to improve it...

    the forum design is really not related to the main site design...for forums, i like the lighter tone style while for my site, i prefer darker/gray tones...

    i'll make sure to add a "about" page for the's not a company site but more just a personal site which will have my portfolio and related stuff.

    will also be updating splash page...the reason i've had that one was because it was used as an under construction page before teh site was finished...the theme was "pixels assembling" hence the blocky look of the page...while the blue bar was to be a "loading pixels" type of image...
    after i launched the site, i just kept the splash until i have time to come up with new one...

    again, thanks all of you for taking the time and reviewing my site!
    much appreciated.

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