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    Question err...uh...I need help

    Ya, I gotta question for everyone. On my site , the top usually doesn't extend all the way to the right like it should.

    Neither does the bottom, also the bottom doesn't touch the bottom of the page!

    If it looks fine the first time, try going to one of my sub pages (like the game arena) and see if that has any problems.

    It works fine on one of my PC's , but the background just doesn't go all the way on this PC.

    Tech Info:
    The top and bottom are "Shared Borders" from Front Page 2000. Not tables or frames. It is similar to SSI, I am told. I set it for 100% but...well...u'll c

    Tell me if it is amiss on your computers. If it is, then do any of you have a cure?
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    Yes, it works fine the first time, but when u go to a sub page, that sub page will be screwed up. If u hit refresh , it fixes it. What is wrong! or is it just my PC....
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    Does any of this make sense?
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    Sounds like you, or someone, fixed things and you are seeing the old pages when you first go there; then you refresh and see the new ones.
    It all worked fine for me. Even that annoying music that I couldn't shut off.
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    sorry about that music....It may just be my cruddy HP PC. My older PC's work just fine..
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    Hewlett Packard
    Home Built PC's!!! YA!!!
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