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    Ultimate webhost management and support software: Custadmin

    Currently under development is out brand new web hosting management software, providing hosts with the ability to manage their clients, support requests, billing, transactions and much more from one powerful application.

    Custadmin is due for release on the 10th August 2002; however I will probably find a load more stuff I want to add before release

    Full details and features are available on:

    As always feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated, so if you wonderful people could take a look at the full feature list on the url above, and if you have any suggestions / questions on the features or see something you think would improve the product then please email me: [email protected] or post on here.

    Thanks for your time.

    [email protected]

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    What sets your program apart from all the other ones available? For example, is also under development and looks great.

    What does your do that this doesn't?
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    Do you have a demo?


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    There will be a demo, its not live yet as sections are still being completed.

    I'll email everone who has asked to be emailed on the site as soon as a demo is ready.


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